Electric skateboard reviews

A new generation of electric skateboard rides with cutting-edge technology. It has created widespread discussion worldwide about riding cool. Electric skateboards are considered to be the best option to create great adventures outside the city and appreciate the natural environment around. Electric skateboards can be enjoyed around the city better than scooters. This right will win the heart of any person very easily but in the first condition, it becomes very difficult to buy it. So you need to get an idea about the best electric skateboards in Bandar and check out all the guidelines. By surveying the market, we have come up with the Top 10 electric skateboard reviews in this article to help you choose the right electric skateboard.

What is an electric skateboard and how does it work?

What is an Electric Skateboard As many new riders wonder, the electric skateboard is a modern technology motorized vehicle designed by Attractive Deck. E-skateboards are considered one of the rites to ride alone. It is mostly used by students and businessmen to visit the city streets and travel outside the city. Also, electric skateboards are great for creating entertainment for kids.

The remote control is used to operate electric skateboards. Due to the remote control, the motor can be controlled very easily. Currently, electric skateboards with special technology have several modes added so that the speed can be controlled very easily. While riding the skateboard, you need to hold the controller in your hand which will give you control over the brakes and speed. The powerful and high-quality electric skateboard has several speed modes that you can use according to your needs to move forward. Electric skateboards are the most updated ride so you don’t have to lean while crossing jumps or curves. It is also equipped with the most advanced PU tires so it can run smoothly on flat and bumpy terrains.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal?

Skateboarding has become more popular in America and European countries as it is allowed to be ridden on sidewalks, parks, and city streets. No laws have yet been made to operate electric skateboards. But still, you have to carefully operate the electric state board. Do not do anything that will cause accidents while running any ride. If you are talking about legality then you should know that the laws of all countries in the world are not the same, only some countries may not have the legality to ride an electric skateboard. However, electric skateboards should be operated normally with legal traffic and speed controls.

Electric Skateboard VS Regular Skateboard

A beginner will think regular skateboards and electric skateboards are the same at first. But there are huge differences between the two that you should know. Regular skateboards do not have any kind of motor attached. An electric skateboard, on the other hand, has one or more battery-powered motors that allow it to run for hours. The electric skateboard uses a complete remote control system, allowing you to use the remote control to accelerate and brake. Besides, an LED display is added to make the board much more attractive. The most important part of an electric state board is battery level, speed, riding mode, etc.

Electric skateboards are designed with motors so they can move very fast. So understand that you won’t be able to enjoy any speed while riding a regular skateboard. There are many affordable high quality modern electric skateboard options in the marketplace that are capable of exceeding 20 MPH! An electric skateboard is the easiest, and safest ride for those who are keen to travel far. Regular skateboards have no electrical components and can’t accept any updated technique challenging. There are several techniques you can use to enjoy electric skateboards. To learn about the best electric skateboards on the market, head over to the list below.

Briefly select the best electric skateboard


Best for quality:WOOKRAYS 3 Speed ​​Adjustment electric Skateboard” is very good in terms of quality. It is suitable for people of all ages and its wireless remote control system is easy to use.

Best for top speed:MEEPO Shuffle V4 S Electric Skateboard” is a remarkable ride for top speed. If you are an experienced rider, then you may prefer to create an adventure at high speed.

Best for motor power:Teamgee H20 mini Remote Control Electric Skateboard” is a powerful hub motor ride. It is considered a significant best electric skateboard for a skilled rider.

Best for overall:JKING Remote Control Electric Skateboard” is considered a number one ride overall. Latest and updated e-skateboard with the best technology of 2022 which is designed using strong material.

Best for budget:Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard” offers an affordable price. It is considered one of the best models to enjoy quality electric skateboards at budget-friendly.

Best for adults:Teamgee H20T 39” dual motor electric skateboard” is a great vehicle for adults. You will get much better results by using it to travel outside the city for various purposes.

Best for beginners:Gyroor Long-Range Electric Skateboards” is a great ride for designers. A beginner rider can control and carry it very easily. (8 number link)

Best for an easy ride:Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Skateboard” is designed for ease of use. Even those who do have experience riding skateboarding can easily ride it.

Best for Long-Range Battery life:Gyroor Long-Range Electric Skateboards” battery life is very strong. So Gyroor is a good choice for those who like to do a long journey.

Best for kids: DresKar Mini Cruiser Electric Skateboard is a great ride for kids. Its attractive color attracts children easily and gives a cheerful mood while riding.

Electric Skateboard basic Buying Guide

There are a lot of options in the marketplace so if you want to choose the quality, price, and suitable model then you need to follow the buying guide. Below are some notable buying guides that will help you choose the best e-commerce.


When you decide to buy something, first try to check its quality. The better the quality of an electric skateboard, the longer it will last. You should focus more on brands and models to get remarkable quality. The ten models mentioned here are of very good quality which you can compare. You should remember that no product can be called the best without quality.

Value for budget

The buyer targets a certain budget for purchasing any product. So you first see which models are included in your budget. The best quality and best brand electric skateboards cost a bit more. If you are more budget conscious then you might not get the best electric skateboard. Nevertheless, we have researched some electric skateboards on this list that will evaluate your budget and help you get the remarkable best e-skateboard.

Brand or manufacture

The first thing that comes to mind when buying a product is the brand of manufacture. The top 10 electric skateboards mentioned here are from popular and reputed brands. These manufacturers have gained the most popularity for offering the best electric skateboards to customers. Check out these top 10 electric skateboards to find all the features you want.

Speed range

You will find multiple options in the market so each model has different motor specifications. Choosing the best motorized electric skateboard will be much more difficult for you. Depending on how much speed you need to travel, you can choose between single or dual-motor electric skateboards. This list has a variety of Omega-included motors to help you choose the speed you need.


When purchasing an e-skateboard be sure to be aware of wheel length and load capacity. Good quality e-skateboards use PU wheels which help the rider to gain speed. Low-quality wheels may not move quickly after the first ride. Follow our list of e-skateboards with very strong wheels.

Motor type

A powerful motor is quite effective for fast speeds. High-end electric skateboards use brushless hub motors that help achieve a range of up to 23 miles per hour. A few electric skateboards with brushless hub motors have been added to this list. There are many skateboards, that are designed with dual motors attached.

Battery life

Electric skateboards have different volt batteries depending on the model, so check if the battery can hold enough charge capacity to meet your needs. Electric skateboards with powerful batteries can be run continuously for four to five hours. There are some electric skateboards that you can use like a regular skateboard without putting much importance on the battery.

Easy control system

Electric skateboards are controlled by remote control, so you should try to choose the easiest monitoring system. We always follow simple steps to master any riding skill, so an easy remote control process can help you enjoy skateboarding even more.

UL Verified

UL Verified Electric State Board helps to ensure the safest trip. After an electric skate boat is manufactured, it is UL certified if it is properly tested and proven. This means that e-skateboards that have a UL certificate are also considered much safer to ride. So make sure that the skateboard you choose is UL recognized or not.

Weight limits

Every electric skateboard has a stress tolerance limit. It is very important to check whether the skateboard has the capacity to bear the weight of your body. Human body weight is not the same for everyone, so you choose a significant skateboard to check your body mass potential. If you follow the Top 10 Electric Skateboards list, you can choose the best e-skateboard that can withstand high pressure.

Deck size

Depending on the brand and model, you will find different deck sizes in the market.  One of the most important parts of an electric skateboard is the deck. The skateboards on our list offer multi-layered decks and surface shock absorption.

Top 10 electric skateboard reviews

1. Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Skateboard with brushless Motor

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The Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Skateboard is great for range and speed. This e-skateboard can go up to 8-10 miles with a maximum speed of 19 MPH. It features a 4.0Ah, 36V, and 144Wh lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in just three hours. This is a newly released 2022 electric skateboard with a wireless remote system. It is considered a good ride for a new rider as it has two modes. Its remote control is rechargeable so anyone can turn it on and off easily. The wooden deck used in it is very flexible and provides rigidity while driving. This is a good electric skateboard for those who can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Skateboard features a reliable 350W brushless hub motor. The hub motor board makes it suitable for continuous operation with battery or without a battery.


  • 350W brushless hub motor
  •  Premium Deck design
  • Wireless remote control system
  • 4.0Ah, 36V, and 144Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Beginner riders can control easily


  • Cannot cover more than 10 miles at most

2. WOOKRAYS 3 Speed Adjustment Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

WOOKRAYS 3 Speed ​​Adjustment Electric Skateboard is made of 7 layers of rock-hard maple deck. So it is much more durable, stable, and offers good flex. Extremely precise stamping can withstand collisions so no damage to the skateboard. It also has a maximum load capacity of 80 kg. It is much easier to control the brake as a result of an ergonomic wireless remote-control skateboard. 3-speed levels are available with a 350W motor. It has a total of three speeds which are (12.4mph), (9.3mph), and (6.2mph). It has a 2000mah lithium battery for a range of up to 5 miles. A full charge within 2 hours is suitable for operation. Also, features durable dia.7cm PU wheels so it can travel easily on any road. WOOKRAYS 3 Speed ​​Adjustment Electric Skateboard is suitable for everyone, such as Adults, Youth, and Kids.


  • 7 Layers Maple E-Skateboard
  • 3 Speed Adjustment system
  • Suitable for a kid, teens, adult
  • 29.4V 2000mah Lithium Battery
  • Full charge in two hours


  • Low-level battery life

3. Teamgee H20 mini Remote Control Hub Motors 900W Electric Skateboard

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Teamgee H20 mini is a high-performance full electric skateboard equipped with a 900W super motor.  Plus, it can go up to a top speed of 18 miles per hour and is capable of climbing up to 25% inclines with ease! It comes with the most upgraded battery that has a capacity of 7500 mAh. The battery will be able to receive a full charge within three to four hours. Enjoy the 7-ply maple that’s made entirely of wood. It is designed with high-quality PU wheels that help to enjoy an excellent ground grip. The Teamgee H20 mini Remote Control Electric Skateboard is great for enjoying a powerful and smooth experience. This H20mini has passed the UL certification safety test. It is a wireless remote control electric skateboard with an LED display that is suitable for detecting power. So this skateboard is great for changing the riding speed.


  •  Long distance battery
  • UL certification safety test
  • 7-ply maple
  • Little rocks/pebbles are not a problem
  • 7500 mAh battery
  • LED display with wireless remote control


  • The battery needs to be charged every week

4. MEEPO Shuffle V4 S Top Speed Remote control Electric Skateboard

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MEEPO Shuffle V4 S electric skateboard is a specially designed deck. Its nut is very strong to reach high speeds and 8 layers of Canadian maple are available. It has a fiberglass layer that helps the board remain durable and flexible. It has a powerful half motor that can provide speeds of up to 29 miles per hour. The MEEPO Shuffle V4 S is perfect for riding on grass surfaces, hill climbs, and various inner-city roads. It comes with 105 mm tires which will provide the most safety for riding. Supports full charge within 2-2.5 hours. Includes four modes for sensitive control and smooth braking. It’s an IPX6 waterproof ride so can easily adapt to any conditions. MEEPO Shuffle V4 S is an upgraded electric skateboard for experienced and new riders.


  • Top speed ride
  • IPX6 waterproof ride
  • 8 layers of maple and fiberglass layer
  • Safety speed level
  • 5th-Generation powerful Hub Motor
  • Meepo M4S Remote


  • Riding is not possible without a battery charge

5. Teamgee H20T 39” dual motor rubber wheels Electric Skateboard

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Teamgee H20T is one of the most electric skateboards for adults that have passed the UL safety test. It features the most advanced tires so you can choose the road or any surface to ride on. It is designed with 103 mm rubber tires that can reduce ozone. Teamgee H20T is highly popular for cruising with stability on the road. Four brake modes are included to control speed which you can control by wireless remote control. The 1200W hub motor can reach maximum speed and supports climbing at a 30-degree angle. The battery only needs to be charged for 4 hours to enjoy a high-performance range of 12-18 miles. It is good for commuting on city streets, parks, and campuses. The board remains shockproof and stable on uneven surfaces.


  • Dual motor and rubber wheel
  • UL safety test pass
  • 1200W hub motor
  • 4 Speed Adjustment
  •  Suitable for adult


  • The price is high

6. Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate 9” Deck Electric Skateboard

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The Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate is a great electric skateboard for beginners. The lowest possible kick is 9.3 mph. Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate offers the best budget for kids and youth. It is equipped with the most powerful responsive sensors so it can detect weight and speed very easily. It has the ability to automatically shut off as soon as you get off the skateboard. There is a polypropylene deck to realize the best feeling of skateboarding and the addition of pro wheels that create a lot of flexibility for not wanting on the pavement. A novice rider can easily control the Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate. Its deck is made of polypropylene resulting in high-pressure resistance. The battery is fully charged in 90 minutes which can cover up to 6 miles.


  • Offer the best budget
  • Full charge cover in 90 minutes
  • Good for kids and teens
  • Sensors easily find second-position motion time
  • Kick-to-cruise


  • The motor is not very powerful

7. JKING Remote Control Electric Skateboard

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JKING is a powerful Remote Control Electric Skateboard that is UL 2272 certified. JKING is designed with a high-power 7500mAh lithium-ion battery for adults. An adult rider can ride this electric skateboard at a maximum speed of 26mph. The JKing takes 4 hours to complete a full charge. The range on a full charge reaches 19.5-21.8 miles. JKing is suitable for people aged 16+. This skateboard has two very attractive seven-color LED lights installed to provide illumination while boating. It will automatically turn off if you don’t run forward within 5 minutes of activating it. Its 8-ply maple deck with 90 mm wheels is very nicely set up which ensures a very comfortable ride. The shock-absorbing PU wheels will provide safety while riding the skateboard. The surface of this skateboard is waterproof so it is suitable for riding in any environment. It is a remote control versatile skateboard that will help you use three modes. Also, the 450W Dual BRUSHLESS HUB-MOTOR will help you hike comfortably without encountering any accidents. The JKing electric skateboard can be used like a regular skateboard without a motor.


  • Suitable for adult
  • Fast speed
  • Suitable for the long journey
  • Include Colourful LED light
  • 8-ply maple deck
  • Possible use without motor


  • An Expansive Ride

8. Windseeker Remote Control Electric Skateboard

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Windseeker is a unique e-skateboard characterized by a lightweight design. It is lightweight and thin so is considered a streamlined unique board type. This is a cool fashionable electric skateboard for the modern metal soldier to enjoy. Obtained safety certificate and DIY sticker certification by UL. WINDSEEKER is a remote control electric skateboard suitable for all ages. It is a premium model and designed using waterproof PP material to make your ride much smoother WINDSEEKER can hold a maximum load of 200Lbs. It has a 3-speed level adjustment mode with a 450W motor. Windseeker includes a 36V and 2500mah lithium battery, it can cover a range of 7.5 miles. After fully charging you can start using it. It is an electric skateboard designed using the most updated technology, so you don’t have to bend over to boot automatically. It is considered one of the top-end models in the marketplace for beginners.


  • 3-speed level adjustment mode
  •  Suitable for beginner
  • 2500mah lithium battery
  • Update technology
  • 450W motor and UL tested


  • Battery life is low

9. Gyroor Long-Range Electric Skateboards

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Gyroor Electric Skateboard is great for super performance. It features a 550W*2 twice as powerful high-speed motor to help you travel far. Can overcome all obstacles at a maximum speed of 23 Mph (3-speed mode) required. It has become very popular among riders due to the inclusion of a 6000mAH updated long-range battery. It is designed with such a powerful battery that you will be able to achieve a maximum travel range of 23 miles. This is a modern electric skateboard best suited for those who like too far travel. Also, due to the dual motor drive connection, you will get a very safe and smooth riding.  Gyroor offers 90mm large PU wheels and shock absorption is very good. There is a visual LCD screen to realize a sensitive remote control system. Gyroor has built a good position in the market as one of the best electric longboards.


  • Long-Range Battery
  • Visual LCD screen
  • Large PU wheels
  • 3-speed mode
  • Good shock absorption
  • Dual motor drive connection


  • It is not suitable for kids

10. DresKar Mini Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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DresKar excels in creating high-speed advanced performance. Its high-speed muted brushless motor provides great speed. DresKar Electric Skateboard is the best choice for kids as it is easy to operate without any risk. The 2000mAh capacity battery will help the rider achieve a range of 5-7 miles. This electric skateboard in yellow color is specially designed for kids and teenagers. It is a mini colorful cruiser that attracts kids a lot. Also, plays a major role in creating significant entertainment for the youth generation. This skateboard is very light in weight so it can be easily carried around. DresKar is a portable electric skateboard with a multifunction remote control system. Its 3-speed mode will help you move back and forth very easily. It has a waterproof surface that keeps it safe from shocks. You can use it like a normal skateboard without a motor if you want. Consider the DresKar Wireless Remote E-Skateboard as one of the entertainment devices for your kids or teens.


  • High-performance power and battery
  • Suitable for kids and teens
  •  Easy to carry
  • Integrated design
  • Superpower brushless hub motors
  • Multifunction remote control system


  • Not suitable for adults


What to do to run an electric skateboard?

First, you need to know the right gear on the skateboard and get the truck and settings right. Then choose a skateboard stance and make a skateboard run. But if you don’t have regular skateboarding experience before then learn the rules of speed and braking properly. Since the electric skateboard moves fast and is remote-controlled, you must know the basics to operate it.

Is it easy to ride an electric skateboard?

Riding an electric skateboard will be much more difficult for you if you before not ridden a regular skateboard. However, you can learn to ride an electric skateboard with just a few weeks of training. If you practice riding a skateboard for an hour every day, you can ride an electric skateboard very easily.

Are electric skateboards suitable for uphill?

Yes, electric skateboards can go uphill without any obstacles. Electric skateboards use the strongest materials and have high motor efficiency, so you can challenge your senses and experience reaching uphill to create a remarkable adventure. Motor power and acceleration help an electric skateboard reach certain hill grades.

How long can an electric skateboard last on a full charge?

A good model electric skateboard can go up to 23-25 ​​miles on a full charge. But there are some electric skateboards, that can only go up to 5 miles. The battery capacity of the electric acid board determines how far it can go. You can check the battery’s capacity by measuring its Wh or (watt-hours).

Can the electric skateboard run without a motor?

Electric skateboards can be operated as regular skateboards without motors. There are many users, who take apart all the parts of the electric skateboard and use it as a regular skateboard to get the basic concepts and then they start riding the electric skateboard.


To buy a good electric skateboard, our guide and Top 10 electric skateboard reviews will help a lot. Here are the electric skateboards suitable for writing in different situations to make your journey easier. Go ahead and find the perfect balance with the best electric skateboards of 2022. No previous experience is required to ride an electric skateboard. So you can start right now and take the help of remote control modes to control the speed. If you want to keep up with the updated generation then forget the regular skateboard and get the electric skateboard as the best ride.

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