You may always work with Excel sheets. Then you should know how to remove automatic filters from Excel. We will show you the process of fixing Excel Auto Filter in a few steps which will play a very important role in professional work. So without delay see how to remove auto filters in Excel.

What are auto filters in Excel?

Auto Filter is a feature of Microsoft Excel. It helps users filter data in spreadsheets quickly and easily.  With automatic filters, users can choose to display only rows of data. Auto filters can be used to quickly sort and analyze large sets of data. It serves as a powerful tool for data analysis and reporting.

Remove auto filters in Excel step by step 

Step-1: Fast, Open the Excel worksheet that contains the automatic filter you want to remove.

Step-2: Next, go to the row containing the column headings to which the automatic filter is applied.

Step-3: Look for the drop-down arrow to the right of the column header.  If you find the arrow, you will know that an automatic filter has been applied to that column.

Step-4: Then click the drop-down arrow to open the filter menu. In the Filter menu, select “Clear filter from [column name]” at the bottom of the list.  This will remove the auto filter from that particular column.

Thus repeat steps 4 and 5 for other columns as per your requirement  In this way, you can easily remove the automatic filter from Excel.

Another way to remove auto filters in Excel

If you want to remove the auto filter through another option then see the below process.

Alternatively, click any cell within the worksheet’s data range to remove all automatic filters in one step.

Then go to the “Data” tab in the Excel ribbon menu.

In the Sort and Filter section, click the “Clear” dropdown menu.

Clear and select Filters at once to remove all automatic filters from the worksheet Save your worksheet after completing the process.

(To remove the filters completely go to the Data tab and click on the Filters button. Or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+D+F+F)

 If you have read all the steps, then now you know how to remove auto filter in Excel. So, you are now proficient in removing the auto filter yourself.

What is Auto Filter Mode in Excel?

Many people don’t know what the auto filter mode is in Excel. If you want to remove auto filter from Excel, then you should first know about auto filter mode. Excel data contains one or more columns that the AutoFilter feature is used to find. You can filter based on preferences from any list in Excel. More simply, you can search through it to find the data you’re looking for in Excel. When filtering data, entire rows are hidden if one or more column values ​​do not meet the filtering criteria.

Is it easy to remove auto filters in Excel?

The answer is yes, removing auto filters in Excel is very easy. But it’s difficult for you if you don’t know the right process.

To remove an auto filter in Excel, click any cell within the range that has an automatic filter.

Then go to the Home tab of the Excel ribbon and click on the Filter button. Note, this will toggle the filter function.

Alternatively, you can do a quick fix by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + L” to remove the filter.

If you can move the filter correctly you will be able to see all the data in the range very easily.


Removing the auto filter from the Excel sheet is not that difficult. Hopefully, you can now remove the auto filter from the axle seat like an expert. Since this article has mentioned in detail how to remove auto filters in Excel sheets, it will be much easier for you now.

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