How to remove motorcycle grips
How to remove motorcycle grips

Have you ever tried to remove a motorcycle grip? If you own a motorbike you should try it.  Motorcycle grip can be a problem at any moment, so if you know this way, you can instantly remove it alone. Motorcycles should do this often, but for those who haven’t had a grip removal for a long time, it can be a lot harder.

So before removing the frustrating grip you should have a much better idea about this process. By the end of this article, you will know, How to remove motorcycle grips? See the process of changing the grips of many simple process motorcycles yourself, without the help of a garage mechanic.

What is a motorcycle grip?

A motorcycle grip is one of the most important components for controlling. It plays a very important role as a tubular component in the steering process of a motorcycle. The most important regulatory factors on a motorcycle are bound by the grip. Used to control brakes, horns, class, throttle, rearview, and light switches. A handlebar provides space to mount the bike. Even, the grips play a special role in supporting part of the rider’s weight.

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Remove motorcycle grips

After a long motorcycle ride, you should change the high-quality grip. You can change a grip to upgrade the look and feel of your motorcycle. You need to feel the best while riding a motorcycle. If you are a regular biker, you should decide to change the grip now and remove the faulty grip quickly. You should practice repeatedly to change a grip perfectly. The more efficient you are and the better the strategy you use, the more perfectly the grip can be removed.

For grip removal, the necessary components you need:

  • One New grip set
  • Automotive glass cleaner
  • A sharp knife (optional)
  • Hairspray
  • A small screwdriver
  • One Pair of needlenose pliers
  • 4mm Allen key

Remove grip step by step

Step 1

Keep all equipment at hand in a designated area before the grip removal procedure. However, try to keep the equipment in a clean place. Make sure your new grip is warm. Warm space is much more important to change the grip because it will be much more difficult for you to do without warm space.

Step 2

Stand your bike in such a way that it allows you to work safely. Now take the appropriate Allen key.  Remove the bark buster/bar edge from the bar by the Allen key. Now keep them in a clean and safe place. Do not lose the old bolts until the new grip is fitted.

Step 3

Use the smallest screwdriver to remove the grip. Slide the screwdriver inside a grip. Now spray on top of the grip. Be sure to spray glass cleaner into the bar for easy removal. Close the slippery grip of your bar. Use a utility knife to change the group if you do not get any results. You can lengthen the grip and cut it for quick removal.

Step 4

Thoroughly clean the bar and throttle tube after removing the grip. You can use the same glass cleaner for cleaning. Glass cleaner will not harm your bike, so you can use it to clean safely. There is no lubricant in the glass cleaner. Sometimes it is necessary to use WD-40 to remove the old grip glue. In this case, you must reduce the surfaces. You must remember that a slippery grip is never safe.

Step 5

After removing the grip and cleaning the bar, take the new grip set in hand. To replace the new grip, start with the right grip first. Must fit on top of a throttle tube so be large in diameter. If it looks large, you can be sure that it will be used on the right side. To set the new grip well, spray glass cleaner inside the grip. To place the grip requires a lot of strength and is delicate, try using hair spray.  Hair spray contains a lot of lubricants when wet so it will set easily. If you use hairspray, the grip will move easily. Let’s try to set the left grip. Align the grips, and keep rotating back and forth. If you can rotate it, it will be set correctly.

Step 6

Rotate to match the position of the right and left-hand grip to run the latest test. Make sure the grip is working properly when the bike is off. Check your throttle to confirm it. If you can move it freely and feel the snap-off as before, you have successfully removed the grip and installed a new grip.

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How do you remove glue grip?

The easiest way to remove the glue grip is to spray some WD-40 in the gaps. To make the flower useless, wait a while after spraying. Now take the help of a screwdriver, gently use the screwdriver to open the group. Remove the grip from the throttle inwards. When doing this, make sure that the glue is tearing the throttle. If the glue breaks, you need to stop and reorganize. To remove the adhesive grip, professional bikers use the WD-40.

FAQ: How to remove motorcycle grips

 How do I choose a motorcycle grip?

Choose a grip that will match the size of your hand to make you feel comfortable riding the bike. The slim grip for small hands provides a comfortable feeling. And for larger hands, a thicker grip should be preferred. There are some bikers, who use grip according to personal preference.

Is grip glue necessary?

No glue is needed for the grip. You can do this using hairspray spray or glass cleaner. If your grips are designed like Harris grips, then don’t rotate them.

 Can I use super glue instead of grip glue?

Find some adhesives in the marketplace that are specified for grip. This type of glue allows you to use it for grip. A superglue behaves like regular glue.

How to remove glue on motorcycle grip?

You can use glass cleaner to remove grip glue. It is quite transparent without damaging any part of the motorcycle, can remove the adhesive in a tolerable way.

Is motorcycle grip blue on?

Glue plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of a rider’s motorcycle grips. The glue should be used when replacing and re-adjusting the handle grips. Currently, bikers almost use grip glue to ensure their safety. Even, glue has proven to be the most popular method for grip.

Last verdict

Motorcycle grip is a much more important part for competing bikers, so it should be constantly removed. If you do not know how to remove motorcycle grips, then this article will be much more helpful for you. Hopefully, according to the above process, you will be able to remove the grip properly. Try to use a good quality grip for long-distance travel and safety while riding a motorcycle.

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