How to Drill Baffles on a Stock Harley Muffler?
How to remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust

Ride a motorcycle, but can not remove the baffles, it is very embarrassing. Baffles can now be easily removed from motorcycle exhaust. Noise is a common issue in the motorcycle community, the notes here are much higher during the elimination of motorcycles. The sound that comes with this horn attracts a kind of baffles. Are you want to know, How to remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust?

However, you can set the motorcycle Harley in a much easier way. You can easily eliminate the noise of your motorcycle baffles from the motorcycle exhaust at home. So, let’s go to know, How to remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust?

What is a baffle motorcycle exhaust?

Baffle motorcycle exhaust is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. The exhaust baffle is an important metal-safe exhaust chamber for motorcycles. You will notice that it is placed inside your automobile muffler. There is a lot of noise coming out of this exhaust outlet of the motorcycle, which you can remove if you want. These are included in almost every car. After using a motorcycle for a long time, a lot of bad noise comes out from the motorcycle exhaust, which can be fixed through a few steps.

Remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust step by step

Step 1

Refer to the manufacturing manual or instructions for connecting the exhaust pipe to the Harley-Davidson of your motorcycle. Nowadays, motorcycles are designed in such a way that they have two nuts on each pipe in the cylinder. Also, each pipe has two bolts attached. And it will have a frame mount on the backside.

Step 2

Now set the motorcycle on a flat place use kickstand or center stand to work. The center stand will give you protection while working, no matter how you move the motorcycle, the motorcycle will not bend on the floor. Most users use the center stand to do any work on the motorcycle.

Step 3

Carefully remove the bolts from the motorcycle exhaust pipe. You can use a suitable size socket wrench to open the bells without any defects. After removing the belts, completely separate the exhaust system pipe from the motorcycle. Keep any open engine part over while you are working.

 Step 4

You can use a rag to protect the chrome finish of the pipes, Clamp the exhaust in a vise covered. You need to have the skills to completely separate the motorcycle exhaust, otherwise, it may be damaged in one way or another.

Step 5

Drill through the first and second bubbles inside the drain. Use a 3/8-inch metal cutting bit on the hand to complete the drill properly, so that it can be done better. You should remember to keep at least three or four baffles in the drainage system. Assemble the parts you removed from the motorcycle and keep them in one place so that they can be found properly when set up later.

Step 6

Carefully remove the drainage system from the vise and turn the pipes over. Do not hit hard to open it, you can push with a soft rubber mallet or by hand. The rest of the metals will come out nicely if pushed.

Step 7

When all is done you reset the exhaust. Check its sound when connected. If you think you’ve done everything right, fasten again with mounting bolts. Check that all the bolts are tight and that all the washers are set in the right place. Start using your motorcycle as before and do its sound well.

How do you baffle a motorcycle exhaust?

Motorcycle baffles occasionally emit unwanted sounds that can be annoying for a rider. You can remove the baffle from the motorcycle if you want. Removing the baffle does not cause any damage to the engine, but it is better to stay with the motorcycle. Removing the baffle from your motorcycle, it can cause some emissions complications in the motorcycle. Many people do not want to remove the baffle because the engine will be damaged. But this change does not add to the performance benefits or enhancements of the motorcycle.

There are many people, who drive cars while removing the baffle from the motorcycle exhaust pipe. There are a few countries in the world where driving without a baffle is completely illegal. Not having a baffle increases noise pollution a lot, so it is not legally accepted. So you understand that the change that will happen, when you remove the baffle and ride the motorcycle is that the bike will become louder. Removing the baffle will greatly increase the sound volume of the bike. And you will aim to change the sound of your bike’s engine.

Benefits or enhancements of the motorcycle

Many companion motorists prefer to ride motorcycles with loud noises because they think it is a safe approach. If you read the article carefully to the end, you will understand whether it is safe to ride a loud motorcycle. Every state-based country has a legal policy on driving, and if you violate this legal policy, you may have to pay a fine with severe penalties. So when it comes to driving, you should know your country driving laws.

The baffles are connected to the exhaust five so that it sends no sound. If you can drive in a comfortable environment. But it can be even more aggressive if you remove the baffle. The main reason for the change in the noise of most motorcycles is that it removes the baffle from the exhaust in the motorcycle.

How do you remove baffles from Screaming Eagle slip-on?

See here how you can force the eagle exhaust on my bike. Drill the loud eagle muffler rivets well from the buffaloes. Try pulling it out of the muffler. Now you cut the pipe and move it to the front of the slip-on. To get the functionality you need to put the buffalo at the output end of the muffler, hopefully, it will sound much better than before. You will not hear awkward loud noises but it will create an improved tune.

You can see the process of removing the confusion from Harley Extraction here.

Strategies for removing buffaloes from Harley-Davidson pipes

Process 1

First, remove the bit from the drill. Now attach the hole saw. Cover both ends of the drainage pipe well with oil or WD-40. Take extra care by coating the pipes. Now look at the top of the chrome ring, and cut the back of the exhaust pipe.

Ways to make Harley pipes louder

Process 2

While improving performance, many people restart the engine to make the Harley pipes harder. Harley Davidson from the factory does not harm reducing noise. You can securely do this to meet emissions standards requirements. If you want to further increase the airflow through the pipe, remove the buffalo or drill holes. It gives quite good results to increase airflow. And attach the slip carefully to the mufflers.

How do you remove baffles from Cobra pipes?

How do you remove baffles from Cobra pipes?

The Cobra Pipe is a drainage system for motorcycles. This pipe provides more noise and power to any motorcycle. If you realize more noise from your bike and a decent horsepower boost, you can easily remove these confusions from the pipes.

Baffles are metal inserts located inside the cobra exhaust pipe that act as a barrier to tone the exhaust flow and sound. After removing the confusion, it brings your drainage to a simpler pipe configuration. You can do this without any muffling ability. If you want to replace this word with your motorcycle, you can follow the steps below. Each step here will help you get the job done faster.

Step 1

Go behind the cobra tailpipe, then find the buffalo screws in the middle of the pipe. Carefully loosen the Baffle mounting screws after finding the screws. And use a screwdriver to separate them all a little.

Step 2

 To get the job done perfectly, slide the buffaloes out of the tailpipes and enjoy a great result.

How to Drill Baffles on a Stock Harley Muffler?

How to Drill Baffles on a Stock Harley Muffler?

Have you ever composed with all the words on a motorcycle? This word can be very annoying for any person. You can reduce the emission noise if you want. If any stock is lost, increase the noise of the motorcycle to remove the annoying sound from the exhaust and make it louder and louder.

Step 1

First, check out the connecting process of your Harley-Davidson exhaust pipes. You can read your owner’s manual to know exactly how to connect. You will notice that the cylinder has two nuts on each pipe and two bolts together. And the frame will be mounted on the back of the pipe.

Step 2

Before starting work, set the motorcycle on the kickstand or center stand. This is a good way to work without moving the motorcycle.

Step 3

Now, from the motorcycle, unscrew the exhaust bolts with a suitable wrench. For this, you need to separate the exhaust system from the whole bike. When doing this work, make sure that the chrome finish of the pipe is not damaged. As a precaution, you can turn off the drain with the store’s rags if you want.

Step 4

It is best to use a 3/8-inch metal cutting bit on the drill to drill the buffaloes. It is important to have at least 3-4 baffles in the drainage system. Leave it in a place to reinstall. When setting up the pipes, there is no need to recalibrate the carburetor.

Step 5

Now remove the drainage system from the vis. Turn the pipes over after removing the vis. Now remove the remaining metal parts by hand or with soft rubber.

Step 7

At last, Re-attach the removed mounting bolt to the bike.  Make sure all the bolts are tight and perfect.

How to Remove the Baffles From a Softail Exhaust?

According to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, there is no need to disassemble the mufflers installed at the Pennsylvania plant, even though they should not be disassembled. There are several ways to remedy the extra limited exhaust of a motorcycle, you can follow these alternative approaches if you wish. In the meantime, you can replace the drain as the main option. Or you can replace the mufflers on your motorcycle. Some people drill inch holes through the buffaloes. Or as a last resort, you can remove it. Confused baffles are removed to increase the drainage height. This reduces the torque from the motorcycle and increases the horsepower on the upper end. Most motorcycle users decide to get rid of the confusion.

To eliminate the confusion of Softail Exhaust, you can follow the steps above

How to Remove Silencers From an Exhaust?

How to Remove Silencers From an Exhaust?

If you want to make more noise on the motorcycle, you need to remove the silencer from the motorcycle. But to increase this noise, you need to know how to remove the silencer from the exhaust system.

The silencer is a plug that easily fits your motorcycle pipe. So, look here are the easy silencer removal techniques.

Step 1

To remove the silencer from the motorcycle, first, find out where it is. Screws or Allen bolts are used to hold the silencer, which is hidden. So before removing, you should be sure about the screws.

Step 2

The exhaust silencer always sticks to the frame, so remove the bold. In most cases, there are screws at the top to hold the silencers in place with the exhaust system.

Step 3

Loosen the bolt that is attached to the head of the silencer, it is included in the middle of the tailpipe of the clamp. However, not all motorcycle clamps have this extra screw. Pull the silencer out of the exhaust tip completely. Repeat the movement of your hand to get it out completely. If you find the silencer sounding consistent after taking out the silencer, keep it on.

Step 5

If the silencer is stuck while removing, use a hanger to remove it. Pushing a wire coat into the hanger pipe will allow the silencer to come out of the exhaust easily.

How to Remove Rinehart Baffles?

How to Remove Rinehart Baffles?

Learn the process of replacing Rinehart baffles easily from your motorcycle below. Like other processes, it is much easier to remove Rinehart Baffles from a motorcycle. Remove Rinehart Baffles step by step.

Step 1

Use an Allen to unscrew the muffler screws. And remove the end caps off both mufflers well. If you try to untie the screws from the back of the motorcycle, keep doing it right up to the end. Now take a flat-head screwdriver to open the heat shield and open the warm clamps to secure the heat shields. Notice the chrome cover easily finding the heat shield.

Step 2

Shield, starting at the back of the muffler. Use a 3/16 “Allen wrench to unscrew the buffalo screw under the muffler. Now carefully pull the Baffle out of the muffler.

Step 3

Now face the buffalo screw-hole. Tighten with a wrench by re-inserting the buffalo screw to hold the buffalo and muffler shell together. Now make sure the muffler shell protects the buffalo. Tighten the heat shields and replace them with screws. Replace the caps to the end of the muffler.  Check it after tightening the cap screws.

How to Remove Baffles From Harley-Davidson Pipes?

Hurley’s exhaust system is much quieter. If you own a Harley-Davidson, how do you save a quiet motorcycle sound? Currently, there are multiple cheap and easy ways to save sound. But the best way to do this is to completely remove the buffaloes from your Harley exhaust pipe.

(Note: Remove Baffles From Harley-Davidson- you can follow the steps above)

How to Remove Baffles From a V-Star?

How to Remove Baffles From a V-Star?

There are also many users looking for the best techniques to remove Baffles from motorcycles. You can easily remove Baffles from V-Star in just a few steps.

Step 1

Prepare yourself for the release of V-Star. Now insert the hole 1″ into the drill perfectly. Insert this saw into the end of the extraction cone. Now start drilling the last cone with the hole saw and the extraction tip. You can use a torchlight to find the Baffles plate. Round spot welds are placed in the right place. Now drill the spot welds, but you must use a metal drill for this.

Step 2

You may need to use a hammer to remove the rest of the first buffalo. And use the exhaust 2-inch chisel to remove the second confusion. Now remove two small exhaust pipes from the inside of the drain.

How to Remove the Baffles From a Harley Exhaust?

Moving buffaloes from the Harley Exist is now the easiest. Many users still take the help of a professional worker to remove their clothes. But you can do it yourself using just a few tools if you want. I already told you in the above sections, how to remove baffles from Harley Exhaust.

So read all the above estates carefully to do this process properly. This process will be much easier for you if you do the above rest properly.

How to Remove Screaming Eagle Baffles?

Step 1

Take the 14-gauge wire to remove the Screaming Eagle Baffles. Now use the needle-nose plier to insert it again. However, when using it, give it the shape of a hook.

Step 2

Try inserting this hook into the buffalo and sliding it into a hole. Although at first, it may seem difficult to you after trying a few times you will succeed.

Step 3

Attach the wave grips to the buffalo well. Keep hitting the vice grips with the mallet for best results. Now you are free from confusion. In this process, you will be able to easily remove Screaming Eagle Baffles.

How to Get the Baffle Out of a Vance & Hines Muffler

You’d be surprised to know that Vance and Hines’s mufflers are removable. However, it is replaceable except for some racing rides. Most vans and hyenas can be confusingly modified according to the exhaust system instructions. This can be difficult for you as the screws are hidden under the heat shield.  Let’s find out now, how to Baffle out of Vance & Hines Muffler.

Step 1

First, open the worm clamp on the top of the muffler. Now slip the heat shield on the back exhaust site. To do this you need to open four hex head bolts. Make sure the mufflers are held in the exhaust mounting bracket, so you can use the adjustable wrench.

Step 2

Notice the screw closest to the header pipe under the muffler. And loosen the last tip screw to be in between. Spray the penetrating oil on the header pipe joint. Now wait a few minutes and hit the muffler with your hand.

Step 3

Keep pulling from the header pipe to remove the muffler. Now loosen the Baffle screw and pull the Baffle tube out of the muffler and it will come out.


Will a new motorcycle exhaust system increase power?

The power to replace the factory motorcycle exhaust and market system is never the same. After selling the motorcycle, it is a commonly used way to increase performance. The price of a new exhaust system for a motorcycle will depend on the manufacturer. However, in most cases, the cost of a new drainage system can be as high as $ 300- $ 1200.  A new exhaust system can increase the speed and power of the bike, even increasing the noise of the motorcycle. The higher the amount of noise on a motorcycle, the lower the amount of collision. New exhaust systems are installed to attract drivers and reduce the number of collisions.

Are all oil filters compatible with differing motorcycle exhaust systems?

Motorcycle oil filters can work similarly. Motor filters are used to keep motorcycle oil clean and to contain contaminants. However, oil filters work differently depending on the engine. Ordinary passenger cars handle relatively little oil, so a small filter is enough to clean the oil.

How can I make my stock motorcycle exhaust louder?

Replace the muffler to increase the noise of your car, then you can increase the noise a lot. You can add a sound-enhancing tip for better results. And increase the size of the drainage pipe to ½ “- 1” in diameter.

How do I make my stock Harley exhaust louder?

Install an aftermarket exhaust based on your motorcycle model. And notice the sound of your motorcycle car. Perfectly tune the stock curb of your motorcycle. And take a good aftermarket ignition.  Also, add mufflers and customized exhaust systems.

Will removing baffles void the warranty?

Removing distractions from the motorcycle will not damage your car’s engine. There will be no loss or damage. However, as it comes out of a system, emissions will be complicated. There are no advantages or disadvantages to using a baffle on a motorcycle.

Can you take the baffles out of Rinehart pipes?

Yes, you can baffle out your Rinehart pipes. However, it does not allow for all types of baffles

Is it bad to run a motorcycle without baffles?

No confusion also allows you to ride a motorcycle. baffles replacement is not likely to damage the engine. Most riders love to re-tune the motorcycle, to enjoy the maximum benefits of distraction removal. As long as you have fuel in your car, its efficiency will be managed properly.

Is it bad to straight pipe a motorcycle?

Yes, noise mufflers on motorcycles are completely illegal under-car laws. So you can’t stand it anyway. Baffles have been legalized for motorcycle factories, but in some cases, car owners have changed them so the noise is much higher when driving. It should be remembered that excess noise is harmful to the environment, which is called sound pollution.

How do I know if my exhaust has baffles?

If you notice a change in its sound while riding a motorcycle, you can easily identify it. Changing the sound of a motorcycle lets you easily be sure that there are baffles at the exhaust.

Can you put baffles back in?

Yes, you can easily back your motorcycle baffles. Baffles can be easily installed in the exhaust pipe.

Do motorcycles need back pressure?

The back pressure of the motorcycle is needed. You can reduce the pressure by lowering the backpressure. You should be aware that slow discharge speed torque can cause damage at any moment.

Can you put any slip-on exhaust on a motorcycle?

If you want to use a bracket and adapter, you can use slip extraction. However, using it will not improve the design of your motorcycle. A slip on the exhaust replaces the bike’s stock muffler. Slip is more commonly used for sportbikes. A slip-on bike can improve horsepower by up to 5%.

Do Harleys need back pressure?

Some exhausts use adequate back-pressure to prevent popping in the closed throttle. If fuel is discharged from the inlet valve, back-pressure is maintained. Back pacers can be used for some special tasks.

Does exhaust wrap make the exhaust quieter?

Exhaust wrappers are not suitable for reducing the noise coming from vehicle exhausts, as they are designed that way. This helps you retain heat. However, it is effective enough to reduce high frequencies as opposed to low frequencies.

What is muffler packing?

Each motorcycle’s exhaust contains packing sound wave absorption. As you will notice on your motorcycle, the silencer is always filled with packing-which is a big box. Packing is used to control the sound wave fibers.

The Pros And Cons Of Baffles On A Motorcycle


  • Carries some benefits for racing.
  • The amount of collision is less due to extra noise.
  • Very easily noticed by other drivers.


  • Improper fuel-air mixing can cause various types of engine damage.
  • There may be lawsuits for additional noise.
  • For some countries, it is completely illegal.
  • To any human, it would be considered sound pollution.

What Happens When You Remove The Baffles?

Eliminating the loud noise caused by the exhaust pipe is not a good decision at all. Or the removal of the Baffles from the stopping motorcycle further increases the exhaust. Also, notice that the exhaust gases release quickly. Canceling the Baffles to be a motorcycle increases its thrust, which is legally punishable.

Can You Put Baffles Back On The Exhaust After Removing Them?

Currently, the exhaust pipe is designed to allow the baffles to be easily removed and replaced. But if this is not the case, you will not be able to re-enter the baffle once it has been removed. However, you can get the Baffle installed properly with the help of an experienced mechanic.

Can Aftermarket Mufflers Increase Exhaust Volume?

Yes, Aftermarket Mufflers Increase Exhaust Volume properly.

Should you remove the baffles on a motorcycle?

Removing the baffles on a motorcycle does not harm the engine, but it is bad for sound pollution.  Removing the distractions from the motorcycle causes the engine temperature to rise. Removing the baffles will emit too much noise and motorcycles will lose less power. Excessive noise has a very bad effect on any human hearing.

Can you reinstall a motorcycle baffle after it has been removed?

Removing the distraction from the motorcycle will make it possible to replace it if the exhaust pipe is designed that way. Currently, some drains are designed in such a way that, after removing the baffles, you can re-enter the Exhaust.

Is it legal to remove the baffles on a motorcycle?

No, it is not legal to remove baffles from motorcycles. Because excessive noise pollution creates a variety of problems. However, some may be valid for racing rides.

How to Make a Car Exhaust Louder Without Buying Anything

Currently, motorcycle Louder can be made without used parts. You cut the exhaust pipe along the middle with an angle grinder and aim it towards the baffles. Now the noise of the car will increase only if the hunger is cut off from the disconnected pipe.

Last verdict

The answers to all the questions related to motorcycle exhaust and baffles have been reasonably raised to go here. Hopefully, you will be able to take all kinds of processes to remove the noise and increase the noise on your motorbike. If you are a biker then you should know, “How to remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust”. Somehow you have to face this problem to ride a motorcycle. So this article will help you to get all the information related to the sound of your motorcycle.

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