How To Fix Old Lampshade

How To Fix Old Lampshade

Lampshades are a very curtail item in the household. It can get shades to deteriorate over time, therefore it requires little attention. Especially old Lampshade requires higher maintenance. It can take years of heat from a light bulb may cause the trim around the edges and seams of a standard shade to separate or fall off anytime. One of the most popular problems seems to come unglued or missing tape which is very easy to fix if u follow the right step. A lampshade may sit in a window and receive daylight sun which is pretty normal. Then it can be exposed to the heat and light of the lamp bulb at night. You will be amazed to know that less expensive or unlined shades are particularly vulnerable to these problems. So let’s go to know, how to fix old lampshades in the best way?

How To Fix Old Lampshade

Accidental bumping and falls can give shade with a dent that doesn’t seem to go away. Even, after pushing it back into shape, it can still be possible. You will be shocked to know that repairing a damaged shade costs only a fraction of the cost of a new one, requiring basic crafting supplies which is pretty easy. Follow these steps which will help you to fix old Lampshades. An old Lampshades repair is easier than you think:

One of the most effective ways is vacuuming the lampshade with a soft brush attachment to remove all dust and dirt which is very helpful. By examining the section where the lamp has come unglued, you can easily fix it. For side seams that run from the top to the bottom of the shade which can easily be opened up and seems up to the point where they can easily stick together

fixing process:


Pour a small amount of white glue onto the plate and moisten the paintbrush also brush 1/4 inch along the edge of the fabric or paper. On the other hand, usually, you can see the line of the former glue, so follow that line then paint the underside of the other part of the shade also press these two sections together. Also, you can use a bull clamp at the rim wire closest to the repair. And to hold the materials together until the glue dries.

With very caution remove the old tape around the top or bottom ring of a shade. If the lampshade has been damaged, stained, and in no good shape. You should use scissors to cut where the damage starts which is highly recommended.


Add scissors now 1/3 inch for overlap lamp. You can try painting both sides of any remaining tape still on the lampshade. Fit the bias tape over the tape onto the lamp and the bias tape is folded in half so one half goes on each side of the existing tape. Use clothespins two to hold the tape and place in with glue dries.


Measure grosgrain ribbon if you cannot find a bias tape and color however you want. Start your ribbon at the lampshade seam and overlap the end by 1/4 inch. Use ample glue with clothespins. If you don’t want glue to ooze out, and if you want it to stick well. The glue will dry clear as well which is pretty amazing.


Repair a torn shade by cutting a small amount of onionskin paper and the size with the shape of the tear. You can also Paint the inside of the shade at the location of the tear and position the onionskin over the glue. Paint another coat over the top of that onion skin. This will help the tear become very less visible.

Last words

Follow this step and you will be able to repair similar types of lamps very easily. Here are some of the best processes to reuse an old lampshade. Hopefully, you can calculate one correctly and use it again. The lampshade is a cosmetic in the room that helps to enhance the beauty of the room and create a romantic atmosphere. In order to make your old laptop usable, the article mentions, how to fix lampshades in the best way?

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