How to fix a zipper quickly and easily (2)

How to fix a zipper quickly and easily

One of the most useful fashion hacks you will ever learn knows how to fix a zipper. That’s because almost every dress, jacket, skirt, and pair of trousers has at least one zip. We all know that fixing a zipper can be a challenging task. Broken zippers are the most awkward fashion piece to repair. That’s because the more you try and move the slider up and down the more broken the zip can often become which is pretty annoying on its own. So read all pare to know, How to fix a zipper quickly and easily?

Fix a zipper quickly and easily

I am sure you want a quick and simple solution when you’re on your way out and your dress or bag suddenly breaks. Sure, you can take a bung zipper to your local alternation shops for a replacement but let’s be real, who has time for that? Taking it to an expert might not even be an option with many shops closed because of Covid. So, you might have to fix the zipper by yourself.

If you are panicking and thinking about how you will fix a zipper by yourself without any help from a professional then we suggest you not panic. Because in this website, we round up the best zipper repair tricks using household items such as Vaseline, Pencils, and even nail polish which you can use to fix your zipper. Keep reading and scrolling down for very easy, quick solutions to get you on your way to fixing any kind of zipper.

What are Zipper Problems?

There can be more than a few reasons why your zipper breaks. We all know that sometimes zippers slide down on their own, without any type of assistance from you in any way. Then the annoying part, the zippers refuse to close because their teeth stop interlocking. Sometimes they even start getting jammed with each other. When the zipper is pulled up it just refuses to move and sometimes the zipper pull itself comes off. Let me include some of the common zipper problems that we all face on a daily bases.

  • Zipper opens too quickly or unexpectedly.
  • The zipper is loose and comes down very frequently.
  • Zipper teeth separate after being zipped up.
  • Fully separated zipper.
  • Broken zipper slider.
  • The teeth of the zipper get stuck on something.
  • The zipper teeth close slowly.
  • No zipper teeth.
  • The zipper stop is too loose.

If this kind of thing happens to your best-fitting jeans then you will freak out which is understandable. But you must not think about giving up so easily and throwing the clothing into the garbage pile or getting ready for a trip to the nearby tailor for a full zip replacement.

You will be amazed to know that even the ever frustrating broken or jammed zippers can be repaired to an extent. But, truth be told, sometimes they are beyond these small & quick fixes and you will have to replace them if things go out of hand. The metal zippers are seemingly sturdy by the look. But they often get into problems as same as the plastic zippers. Before we get to the solution to zipper problems, we have to learn how a zipper works to better understand the process. So, let’s dive right in.

How Does a Zipper Work?

Let’s first see how a zipper operates before trying to repair faulty zippers.

We all know the zipper has two sides with zipper teeth. Both sides have to be in perfect alignment for them to work properly.

When we pull up the pull tab of a zipper, the slide is moved over the teeth. The teeth on either side of the zipper interlock and create a continuous chain. By a stopper, the slider is stopped at the top. Without the stopper, it will come off the chain easily as it is moved up the teeth. You will have to start by joining the two separate sides of the zipper in a separating zipper. It locks it within a pin and then continues joining the teeth by pulling the pull tab. The ends are already joined with a stopper with a non-separating zipper.

How to fix zipper

Zipper opens too quickly or unexpectedly

We all can relate to this horrifying scenario because none of us wants our fly open. You will be shocked to know that the solution to this problem is quite simple. We all know that the zipper pull usually has a locking mechanism that prevents it from sliding down. Use the locking system to prevent it from happening. You will never hear a small snapping sound when the pull is down and the zipper locking system is locked in. after locking up, the zipper will not come open unless you pull it up and force it down.

The zipper is loose and comes down frequently

If the zipper comes down too quickly and unexpectedly then we have the easy and fast fix of tying the pull tab to the pant button with a small ring or band. It will be an easy and quick fix, later you can replace it. If you want a permanent solution then use the plier to tighten the slider on the teeth.

Zipper Separates after being zipped up

Everything about the zipper might look pretty easy as it did before. It is just open under the closing zipper pull, how can this be more frustrating? With use, this problem can accrue. The slider gets worn or loose or wide apart. Because a small gap in the slider is more than enough for the zipper to refuse to close which can be frustrating. As a result, the teeth will not mesh together to close the zip.

There are three gaps in the zipper slider. You can easily adjust for fixing this problem. But keep in mind that side gaps on either side of the slider have to be narrowed with the plier. After you did that, then the up and down position has to be narrowed.

Fully separated zipper

This problem is more common than you think. Usually, you can face this problem with unstitched zippers. The zipper slider slips down opening the whole zipper into two separate teeth stripes which is very common. To do that, widen the grooves on the sides of the slider with the plier. Then insert the teeth carefully inside on both sides. It may seem a little difficult to hold on to the zipper edges as you try to get the slider up.  You can easily keep masking tape on the side does as pulling tabs.


These are some of the easy and quick ways to fix any type of zipper problems you might have. But keep in mind that most of these solutions aren’t permanent ones. It can last long but not forever. So, if you need to then consider replacing the zipper for fewer struggles. Consider visiting our website for more solutions. Hopefully, you know now, How to fix a zipper quickly and easily?

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