How to fix a broken dresser drawer

No one’s beauty can be enhanced without furniture, even furniture serves as the most important part of maintaining the perfection of the room. However, after using furniture for a long time, it can be damaged. So it is necessary to repair this furniture as soon as possible. But, in this very simple way, you can find out through this article, how to fix a broken dresser drawer. See below for possible mechanisms to fix old broken drawers. This will give you a full experience and create the stage of using beautiful furniture for your home.

Why need to fix a broken dresser drawer?

Take a look at what’s in this article to help you. To repair a broken dresser drawer, you can use the simplest method of recycling. What do you do if the furniture you have been using for a long time is damaged for any reason? I think you can repair and reuse old furniture properly.

We have enough experience in the Broken dresser drawer and furniture recovery, which we are going to share with you. Do you have more drawers in your dresser, and do you have broken drawers in them? Don’t worry, here are all the experiences to fix a broken dresser drawer used in an extremely simple process. Hopefully, you’ll be able to replace or repair broken dresser drawers in real life.

  • How to fix broken drawers easily?
  • How do old dresser drawers make slides reusable?
  • How to repair dresser drawers perfectly?
  • How to carefully remove dresser drawers?

To fix dresser drawers, you must first remove the drawers from the dresser. But how do you remove the drawer to be the dresser perfectly? Don’t be discouraged, keep reading the front pages, all the solutions are beautifully explained here. To repair the dresser drawer first, you can start it simply. If the drawers cannot be improved in a simple process, you can follow the next steps.

How to carefully remove dresser drawers?

You can remove the drawer from the old dresser just by following a few SKs. If you look at the drawer furniture in your home, you will see that it has no tracking system, so you can easily remove it. Take a good look at the steps to remove the drawer from the bottom.

Step 1

You slide them out to move the drawers. Make sure there is a track system at the bottom or side of the dresser. If the drawer site is too strong, open the drawers carefully otherwise, they may become unusable.

Step 2

Give the drawer a good tug, but before that, keep pulling the drawer to the end. Now, look at the bottom end of the drawer. There may be a latch or lever to release the drawer, so aim at the bottom of the drawer.

Step 3

You should keep in mind that every dresser drawer has a track system it is next to the dresser drawer. So you have to pull the last part of the drawer while working. And observe the truck for the plastic lever.

End step

Once you find the plastic lever, push it on both sides of the drawer, trying to push it up and down when you push. Now you keep pulling the drawers according to the normal rules. Hopefully, if the process is done properly, the drawer will come out much easier from the dresser.

Once you have taken out the drawers, you can move on to the next step. To repair a dresser drawer, you must first open the parties properly. Let’s not know the next process from the bottom.

Fix Old Dresser Drawers that Stick

Use wax for the drawer truck

You can use truck wax as the easiest and fastest way to repair or fix old broken dresser drawers. And use some wax to slide all the places where the trucks are. Wax is by far the most popular and best way to use wooden furniture for sliding. Although it is not wood, unlike wood it creates a very nicely adapted environment for any wood space. You should always try to use wax to slide because it will be much easier for you. Both surfaces of the drawer can create slides of drawers with a healthy coating of wax.

If you want to use wax on the bottom of the drawer track and the runner professionally, take the help of a brush. If the brush you choose is perfect, you will get better results. That will give you much better results if you need to use a small amount of wax for the trucks. In this case, you can see small spaces by rubbing a candle against the tracks of the drawer.

What kind of wax do you use to slide old dresser drawers?

  1. Furniture wax
  2. Soap bar

If you can slide in and out of drawers without any hindrance, you will find that the wax is working properly. But if the wax is interrupted in any way, it should be avoided, because it will not be useful to slide the drawer in any way. Tracking will be interrupted only if there is a nail under the drawer or on the side of the dresser.

It is not uncommon for nails to get stuck in the drawer track. You should know that the dresser’s drawer is more damaged due to the nail. You can easily remove the nail if you want. But first, make sure that the nail is attached to any other part. You can use a pair of pliers to remove the nail. The easiest process is to remove the nail with pliers.

Process of recovering or fixing drawers from dust

Dust is always mixed with the air so, dust can easily enter any furniture. However, the amount of dust and sand is much higher in humid areas, therefore, the wood is more likely to swell in drawers or dressers in these areas. When dust enters the drawer, it swells easily and creates various problems when it is opened. Older drawers, especially those sanded at the bottom, make a huge difference in sliding in and out. If the pictures in front of your house are not kept clean and tidy and taken care of properly, they can be protected from dust.

Process of sanding the dresser

Due to the humidity, all the furniture used in the house is compressed and needs to be sanded. It is important to keep the dresser in a climate-controlled environment before sanding the drawer. We all know that wood is compressed inside in more humid weather. So check once before sanding, whether the wood of your dress is compressed.

If there are no hollows on the sides of your drawer, and if it is stuck with too much force, sand will be needed. If there is no space on the side of the drawer, you will not be able to open the drawer at all. So you know there must be a small gap to open the dresser drawer or use it for free.

To sand, first, remove the sticky drawers and use your power sander. To do this, you can use 60 grit sandpaper. However, it is better to use up to 220 grit sandpaper after most of the wood is sandpapered. Why use 60 grit sandpaper? Because it will help you to remove wood quickly. In this case, if you want to make the wood much smoother then, you need to use 220 grit sandpaper.

If you are sanding for the first time, you need to be very careful. Because sanding is best done only in tight areas, so pay close attention to tight spaces at work. Although sand making is an experienced worker, also you can still try it.

Process of fixing the bottom of a broken drawer

Prolonged use of a dresser can cause the lower part to break easily. That is because the weight pressure on the bottom of the drawer is much higher. You may need to replace or repair the bottom of the drawer to fix the broken part of the old dresser. Here’s an easy way to repair the bottom of a sagging drawer.

Ways to repair sagging drawers_

Take a good look up and down to repair the sagging drawer. For a quick fix of the old dresser drawer, you need to follow up and down. When you start working, you will see that there are many small nails in the bottom of the drawer. It is important to check that the nails are properly maintained at the bottom or not. If for some reason there are fewer nails in this area, add new nails to those areas to fill in the gaps.

NOTE: (3/4″ or 3/5” Find out where the long nails and make sure they have a big round head)

How to Replace or Repair the Bottom of a Drawer?

The most damaged area of ​​the dresser is the lower part, so you may need to replace it if it is excessively damaged. However, you can repair the drawer for minor errors. It is difficult to say exactly, what kind of damage will be to the drawer because the bottom of the drawer is either large or small. That is considered to be a big problem especially when the drawer itself catches cracks.

If you are working with a dovetail jointed drawer, be sure to separate the drawer very carefully. You have to be careful not to break the dowel drawer. With a hammer inside the drawer of the dovetail joint, gently tap the part near the dovetail. This process will be much more convenient for sliding dowels. You will need to follow the same procedure on both sides to move the rear of the car.

You may need to cut the thinner bottom for a better repair of the draw. You may need access to your table saw to perform these tasks. You can use a round saw or jigs instead of a table cloth. If you do not have these devices, you can purchase them from any local hardware store. Or can be collected from Amazon in a much easier way.

Once the new floor has been cut, apply some sandpaper around the edge of the plywood, running so that the splinter can be easily removed. Then reassemble and bring the drawer back to the previous level.

How to re-fix the side of the drawer

When a drawer is damaged it usually starts from the side of the drawer, so it can be repaired quickly. To find out how to make it usable again, read on.

The bottom panel of the drawer has a notched part for sliding, so it is normal for the area next to the drawer to break easily. Most people decide to replace a broken drawer, but you can easily repair it without a replacement. If you have dovetailed in your drawer, it will be much easier for you to repair. Notice the broken part of the drawer and see how it was done in the past. You can fix it again using a piece of wood and nails in the same process.

Some tips for taking care of the old dressing table

  • Check the dresser in your home or factory every few weeks to see if it has the right moisture or not.
  • Regularly clean the dust and dirt to keep the furniture bright.
  • Use regular furniture cleaners to make dressers look more new.
  • If the dresser is damaged for any reason, repair or replace it quickly.
  • If you want to use wooden furniture for a long time, make sure to have good quality wood when preparing.

Last words

Here are several ways to repair a dresser drawer. Hopefully, these will help you a lot in real life. After using the furniture, when they get old, we are constantly faced with various problems, and the only question we have is how to fix it. We know there are many users, who do not know, how to fix a broken dresser drawer? So this article will help you find the easiest ways to repair broken dresser drawers. Keep trying to figure out how to fix it without leaving the old broken dresser drawer. With a small effort on your part, maybe you will gain a lot of great experience, which can bring a lot of big things in your real life.

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