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In this present time, road accident is the most serious problem in the world. We are facing this problem daily. Besides, most people are injured and died from day to day. To solve this problem, the Government takes the necessary steps and tries to reduce this problem as soon as possible. But we have to be concerned about this problem and ensure our safety as well. As motorcycle accident is increasing day by day, we have to wear a helmet that helps to reduce traffic accident. There are many people, who will pay enough attention while they are driving their motors when they wear a helmet. On the other hand, it helps us in protecting our eyes from dust. It protects from the terrible lights of other vehicles. If you search, you will get many types of motorcycle helmets. Read this blog post to get the best suggestion about the best motorcycle helmet.

Why Best Motorcycle Helmet important for bikers?

You must have seen many headlines about bike accidents on television and in newspapers. A biker can easily avoid major accidents if he uses a helmet. People can die very quickly from a head injury or experience memory loss. Also, by law, a biker must wear a helmet. If you don’t want to violate the law while driving a motorcycle then you can maintain the rules by using a helmet. A helmet contributes greatly to the protection of the head in case of a collision with a large vehicle on the journey. Also, the number of helmet users for eye protection is very high.

The best motorcycle helmet can provide you with many benefits that can never be achieved by a local helmet. Local helmets are cheaper in terms of price so most bikers prefer them without worrying about the quality. If the value of life is too high for you, then stop using the local helmet. A professional biker never uses a normal helmet. So they always love to use the best motorcycle helmet. Do not make the mistake of using the best helmet while driving a bike.

Best safety and comfort: GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
Best LED design night guardian: ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip-up Modular Full Face Helmet
Best allover: AHR Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved
Best High-Grade Materials: Milwaukee Helmets MPH9818DOT Motorcycle Helmet
Best for easy cleaning: Danmar Hard Shell Helmet
Best for youth kids: ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet

What is Motorcycle Helmet?

A motorcycle helmet is an item that bikers use for safety. A biker must use a helmet to drive a motorcycle. It is advised to use this item legally to protect the head from any kind of accident. Along with the advancement in technology, bikes and helmets have improved a lot, so different models and styles of helmets can be found in the market. But finding the best motorcycle helmet can be difficult for designers and beginners if they don’t know about the selection process.

6 Best Motorcycle Helmet review

If you want to ensure your safety, you need to buy the best motorcycle helmet. It helps you to oblige your duty as a real citizen. On the other hand, wearing a helmet is the law, if you break it, you will be fined by the police. If you wear a helmet, you will become a responsible person who obeys the traffic law and traffic lights. So, let’s go and know about some popular motorcycle helmets in 2022.

1. GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is boasting a compact and there is aerodynamic DOT shell that is designed with sharp and aggressive styling for impeccable impact protection. This feature is very essential to excel whether short-distance street performance or long-distance touring comfort. There are multiple conscientiously designed ventilation panels, that are effective in streamlining the cooling process. This process is helpful to assist with freshening the rider’s experience. You will get large lower vent shutters for ease of use with riding gloves.

There are trendsetting springs for precise functionality. It can ensure a superior wind and water sealant layer. This helmet has a unique 3D molded shield that is designed to ensure a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision. On the other hand, you will get benefits from a removable breath guard for rerouting your breath to reduce shield fogging. This helmet has Inserted Chin Curtain that is designed to reduce wind turbulence and noise. You will get a chance to meet with Quick-Release Chin Strap for effortless usage. If you search in the marketplace, you will get the best motocross helmet under 150cc.


  • The EPS foam provides the enhanced impact absorption
  • Large lower vent shutter
  • Two upper-air vents
  • Four uniquely-positioned exhaust vents
  • Removable, washable
  • Easily replaceable equipment


  • This helmet is too tight

2. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip-up Modular Full Face Helmet

ILM offers high resistance ABS shell with a micro-metrically adjustable strap. You will get a chance to meet or exceed mass-218 and DOT safety standards. There are helmet liners and cheek pads that are lightweight and soft. Besides, they are removable and washable as well. A sleek and lightweight design is available for reducing wind noise. This helmet has a modular flip-up function anti-scratch, anti-fog, and wide view clear visor. If you want to wear glasses and ride with your ILM helmet every day, you can do it easily. You don’t need to face any problems with wind noise at high speed. You can enjoy your journey with the vents closed by this lightweight and comfortable helmet. Are you want to hook the Bluetooth to the helmet, then you can do it by mounting clips. Ilm is the lightest motocross helmet in 2022.


  • Inner tinted visor with a cool helmet
  • Replaceable outer lens
  • Clear visor
  • Varieties of sizes
  • Flip-up function
  • Comfortable


  • No speaker pocket

3. AHR Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved

If you are looking for a reliable high-quality helmet, then AHR RUN-M Modular flip-up motorcycle helmet is the best option for you. It meets or exceeds DOT safety standards and ensures your safety. You will be impressed by the features of the advanced flip-up design. This design enables you to get more air or grab a bite to eat without taking the whole helmet off. You can make your driving much safer because this helmet has an upgraded lightweight ABS shell with a thick.

There are high-density fully vented EPS liners and ventilation opening systems for air intake and exhaust. These outstanding features bring you better protection and are comfortable to wear during riding. As this helmet has a wide visual field clear visor and inner sun visor, it has great impact resistance. An internal dark visor is very helpful for additional eye protection from the sunlight. If you are looking for the best motocross helmet under 150cc, you can buy this helmet.


  • Quick release buckle
  • Streamlined aerodynamic design
  • Built-in Double Visors
  • Use with Bluetooth
  • Washable cheek pad


  • No ear pocket

4. Milwaukee Helmets MPH9818DOT Motorcycle Helmet

If you want to buy an advanced motorcycle helmet, you need to choose a Milwaukee helmet. It meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 Standards with advanced aerodynamic features. This helmet is lightweight and durable with ABS Shell and EPS impact absorption inner liner. There are high-grade materials, such as ABS shell, multi-density EPS, reinforced chin strap, and quick-release buckle that are the best features of off-road helmets. You will get a sun visor system and clear shield installed.

Milwaukee has high-impact, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant benefits. There is a quick tool-free to remove and install the system. This helmet has a large field of vision and an integrated drop-down visor. These vents are useful to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable. There are comfortable liners and pads, that can keep the helmet clean, and fresh, with extra space for glasses.


  • Removable & washable liner
  • 360-degree adjustable ventilation system
  • High-Grade Materials
  • Quick release visor
  • Operable gloves
  • Cool and Comfortable


  • Only one color

5. Danmar Hard Shell Helmet

Danmar helmet is lightweight that is made from shock-absorbent foam that lines a hard, ventilated, plastic shell. You can clean this helmet easily because it is easy to clean using just soap and water. This helmet comes with an easily adjustable snap closure chinstrap. If you want to get the perfect size of helmet, you can check the helmet sizing chart to determine what size to order. Danmar’s lightweight helmet is made from comfortable elements for superior comfort and durability.

There is a high-quality foam that is coated in vinyl. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning process. There are many people, who want to get the best motocross helmet under 100. This helmet comes in outstanding color. You can choose your choice. The color of this helmet is for the liner only, and the shell is cream that is looking very cute. This helmet is the best choice if you like to wear a lightweight & simple design helmet. It is very simple and cute to look at. You don’t feel heavy pressure when you wear this helmet.


  • Lightweight & simple to use
  • Outstanding color combination
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Budget-friendly
  • Superior elements


  • No advanced feature

6. ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet

ILM Youth kids ATV helmet is made of high-quality equipment. There are different sizes are available, such as small: 18-19inch, medium: 19-20inch, large:20-21inch, x-Large: 21-22inch. The youth helmet is very smart to look that and is made of a quality ABS shell and high-density EPS padding. It has many features for providing better protection for your children when riding an off-road bike, and ATV and participating in outdoor sports.

These features absorb sweat and are breathable while simultaneously ensuring safety. Youth kids riders can adjust the adult motocross helmet by sun shield, and they can have a greater field of view. There is a strong quick release buckle that can make the helmet more convenient and safer to wear. We know that safety is the first concern in our life. So, you can buy this helmet to feel safe and confident to participate in activities.


  • 1 pair of sports gloves
  • UV-resistant goggles
  • Cushion for comfortable wearing
  • FMVSS-218
  • DOT safety standards
  • Better airflow
  • Adjustable sun visor


  • Not suitable for 60-size head measures

Buying guide for choosing the best motorcycle helmet

If you want to choose the best motorcycle helmets, you should take the most expensive home that you can afford. This helmet can provide you better protection in the event of a crash, and be quieter and more comfortable as well. For choosing the best motorcycle helmet, you need to consider some points because the helmet is the most essential riding gear. It can protect your head and brain from any kind of injury. These considering matters are-

Lightweight/ Category

First of all, you have to choose the category of motorcycle helmet. You can choose open face or full-face helmet. The open-face helmet is a common and available in the market. This helmet is a lightweight helmet that offers great ventilation. On the other hand, you can buy the full-face helmet, which is a versatile but expensive option. It can cover your whole face and offers an extra amount of protection. If you have a high amount of budget, you should buy a full-face helmet. It can protect your face properly. You should buy the best enduro motorcycle helmet for you.

Helmet size

Size is a very important part of choosing the best helmet. If you can choose one as per the size and shape of your head, then you feel comfort by wearing the helmet. There are many helmets in the market that are segmented into neutral, oval, and round head shapes with different sizes. According to your head measurement, you can choose the perfect size in a short time.

Comfortable movement

A helmet should have a tighter fit at first as after some time the padding will get compressed. Besides, it will get more comfortable and easier to move your head. You have to choose the right helmet that will be fit for your head. So, your cheeks should remain in contact with the helmet throughout.

Considering Color

Color is the most important considering matter for bike riders. They want to match the color of their choice. If you have a colorful bike or motorcycle, you need to buy this colored helmet that will be matched your motorcycle. This matching helmet can add an extra feature for you that will refresh your mind and give you an excellent outfit for your traveling time.


When you buy a motorcycle helmet, you need to check the features carefully. Check all the elements and their characteristics as well. If you can ensure the high-quality elements of the helmet, you can buy the best motorcycle helmet in a short time. It is a good idea to get the best one at an affordable price. Check the Internet and know about the best features of a helmet. Then take your decision about what you need. Extra features can add extra benefits to your helmet.

Budget and quality

Pricing is another important considering matter. We know that life is the most valuable thing in the world. A helmet is an essential element to ensure your safety, you need to invest your money with the best try. Remember that an exclusive helmet will give you exclusive service. You need to give importance to your budget to get the best motorcycle helmet easily. You need to give importance to the best dirt bike helmet for the money.

When need to replace the motorcycle helmet?

Many bikers don’t know when to replace their motorcycle helmets. There are basically, two main reasons to replace a motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets can be replaced due to accidents. Accidents cause foam liners, expanded polystyrene, or EPS to deform to absorb. If the helmet crashes for any reason, it becomes much more important to replace it. All helmets contain a bowling ball that can be damaged by impact. You must replace a helmet if the bowling ball is damaged. But, if your helmet’s bowling ball is still intact after the crash, it won’t need to be replaced.

Important of Motorcycle Helmet

A biker can face a motorcycle accident at any moment, so the best motorcycle helmet acts as a very important component to avoid injuries. A little survey showed that about 70% of bikers suffer serious injuries due to helmets. And 44% of people die in bike accidents. So a biker can avoid injuries by using a good quality helmet. A helmet can provide protection to different parts of your face in case of an accident while dressing. If you have a helmet you will get hurt but there is no fear of losing your life. The importance of helmets is so much that it is legally indicated in various states to use them. If a biker does not use a helmet, there is a possibility of legal fines or jail.

Is half a motorcycle helmet enough for protection?

Half of any item does not prove effective at all. If you want to drive a motorcycle with less protection, you may consider a half helmet, but half helmets are not legally supported. There are some states, that have a specific policy toward helmet use. So, you need to consider whether the state you are in allows it or not half helmets.

If you don’t want to get into any legal trouble, then you should use a helmet with the best protection. Half helmets leave the ears, chin, and face exposed, so will disappear very quickly in a crash. Hopefully, you’re a smart person, so choose a good full-face motorcycle helmet for maximum protection. Use a full-face helmet to protect your head and avoid abrasions in an accident. We have selected for you, the 6 best motorcycle helmets that can provide maximum protection.

Motorcycle helmet care tips

·         Avoid cleaning with chemicals to make the helmet last longer.
·         Use warm water to clean the helmet shell and rub gently with a soft cloth.
·         Avoid high places when cleaning the helmet.
·         Use a dedicated visor cleaning spray to get the best results.
·         Use a microfiber cloth and fresh water to wash.
·         Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the interior of the helmet.
·         Store the helmet in a cool and dry place to preserve it.
·         Wipe off the dust with a dry cloth after a regular bike ride.
·         Keep the visor open on hot days to allow sweat to dry quickly.
·         Spray perfume occasionally to keep the inside of the helmet odor free.


How to choose the right size motorcycle helmet?

Consider your head shape to select the right size helmet. Then shake the helmet, if the helmet moves around the head, then it doesn’t fit you. But if you feel extra tight then that won’t fit either. Choose a helmet that fits snugly. An overly tight helmet can create an uncomfortable feeling while driving.

What is the way to choose the best motorcycle helmet from the online store?

While purchasing a motorcycle helmet online, one should check the features and brands. By looking carefully at the features you will be able to easily select the best helmet.

Who is suitable for a full helmet?

A full helmet is suitable for teenagers and adults. These helmets are made of high fashion and fit easily with all models of motorcycles. Also, the full helmet is ranked first to get 100% protection.

Last Words

If you don’t want to face an accident issue, then you need to wear a helmet regularly. Otherwise, the police will fine you for breaking the traffic rules. By using a helmet, you can ensure the safety of your life, money, and time as well. Wearing a helmet helps you to protect your life so that you can control your motorcycle on the roads. One best motorcycle helmets can protect your head from dangerous driving time.

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